The uPromote Exact Traffic service utilizes our network of sites to drive targeted traffic to your site via advertising banners and buttons, email blasts, newsletter sponsorships and text links, allowing you the freedom to focus on your e-commercial ventures while paying only for those interested enough to visit your web site.

Is the Exact Traffic service a CPC program?
Yes. uPromote Exact Traffic is based on cost or cost-equivalent paid per click-through to your web site. The terms pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPC) are sometimes used interchangeably, sometimes as distinct terms. When used as distinct terms, PPC indicates payment based on click-throughs, while CPC indicates measurement of cost on a per-click basis for contracts that are not based on click-throughs.For example, consider a campaign where payment is based on impressions, not clicks. I mpressions are sold for $10 CPM with a click-through rate (CTR) of 2%. 1000 impressions x 2% CTR = 20 click-throughs. $10 CPM / 20 clicks-throughs = $.50 per click

Is CPC advertising expensive?
Not when you use uPromote Exact Traffic. We have negotiated an arrangement with the sites on our network that entitles you to pay only for those people that click through the ad message displayed. In essence, we're taking the financial risk of displaying your message enough times to get you the number of visitors that you request. With traditional CPM-based online advertising buys, it's difficult to guarantee 'normal' results, which means that you may never see a decent return on your investment. With Exact Traffic, we guarantee the delivery of the precise number of visitors that you specify.

Visits to your site

Price per visitor

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Average Costs: Based on visitor quantity (min. 5000)
Is CPC advertising effective?
uPromote Exact Traffic was designed to be effective. Paying per click is sometimes seen by some as a middle ground between paying per impression and paying per action. When paying per impression, the advertiser assumes the risk of low-quality traffic generated by the publisher. When getting paid for actions, the publisher assumes the risk of low-converting offers by the advertiser. In the CPC model, the publisher does not have to worry about the sales conversion rate of the target site, and the advertiser does not have to worry about how many impressions it takes to attract the specified number of clicks. When you pay per click for your online advertising, you're already increasing the effectiveness of your campaign because you know how much traffic you'll be getting in advance.

How do you target the traffic?
To make doubly certain we're targeting an audience that appeals to you, we target in two ways.

1.   We focus the message within custom designed graphical and text creative pieces toward the targeted audience.
2.   We place your marketing messages on sites within our network, uniting your message with the proper audience.

How can I benefit from the Exact Traffic service?
Through this service, uPromote offers you the opportunity to build brand and website awareness, increase the amount of qualified traffic to your website, generate sales leads and increase the sales produced from your website. You'll also own a professionally designed custom creative pieces that you can use in future marketing campaigns.

Here's how it works:
You place an order with uPromote for an exact number of visitors and indicate the targeted market you want to reach.

Our creative professional develop a targeted graphic and text marketing communications pieces within network specifications to be presented to your target audience.

Impressions of your custom designed creative pieces are displayed on web sites, distributed to opt-in email lists, presented in targetd online newsletters and included in special promotions within the network that have an audience matching your targeted needs.

With our tracking software add-on, real-time online reporting is available for you to monitor the delivery of your targeted traffic. We provide an executive summary of performance, illustrateing key crative piece performers, key text performers, key publishers and recommendations for next steps.

Three things to consider with CPC advertising?
Keyword and audience targeting:
Keyword and advertising placement are vital starting points in determining the forward progress for any pay-for-performance project. Finding TARGETED locations that people use to find your products or services is important to each Internet marketing strategy and must be approached scientifically. Targeting brings only the most qualified prospects eager to buy your goods or services, join your mialing list, download your demo software or act on any other objective that you've identified as important. You can alternatively pay obscene prices for general or vague advertising only to see huge traffic influxes, yet few sales. uPromote takes a proven strategic approach to targeting your audience in a progressive manner.

Value of your visitor
Calculating the value of visitor is very important. uPromote prevents you from overspending or spending anything at all on advertising that is not meeting your return on investment estimates. To calculate what a visitor is worth to us, we take the number of unique visitors to a web site and divide by the total spent on advertising to get them there. For instance, if we reveive 300 visitors, but only 200 are unique visitors and we spend $100.00 to get that traffic, our cost per unique visitor is $0.50 per person.

If we are selling ad space at our site and charging over 300CPM, we might say that any campaign that drives visitors to a web site for under $0.33 per person is a positive one. However, if we sell something or are involved in list growth,we must look at the number of visitors who converted to a sell-through or a join-through action. This factor is the value of a visitor. For example, if 20 of the 300 visitors made an average purchase of $9.95 at our web site, total revenue would be $199.00, making our profit from the campaign $99.00 and our cost per customer $5.00.

Marketing Communications
Ensure that the creative pieces and the web site are streamlined and contain the same messages and aesthetic appeal. Use a special price point, unique benefit or seasonal call-to-action. Address your target audience as personally as possible (while making then feel as comfortable as possible).