Online advertising is useful when you make a product that spans a broad range of market segments. It is strictly a mass media enterprise and especially ineffective online if you are unable or unwilling to sustain your efforts or do not have performance data to benchmark your efforts.

Advertise when you need to get your product in front of a broad audience. As reach increases, tracking decreases. Agencies, in an effort to promote their own service offerings, will quickly move the discussion away from tracking and into the amorphous cosmos of branding. (Branding is, of course important, but branding involves much more significant issues than repetitive message delivery.) By now it is a certainty that online advertising can be a huge waste of money, yet significant integration between traditional media ads and the web can occur if you a) drive interested prospects to specific web pages and b) build those pages to talk specifically to those people coming to the site from a specific ad appearing in a specific place.

uPromote’s web advertising solution provides marketers with prescient marketing communications pieces developed; targeted dispersal of their messages over a quality global network from high-profile, premier brand name sites to hot new small- to mid-sized sites; immediate tracking of responsiveness to placement and voice and utilization of expert optimization techniques to refine performance factors.

Is online advertising effective?
Web advertising and site sponsorship services are important tools for communicating brand identity and product offers to prospective customers in category-specific settings. Proving effectiveness of any online advertising campaign starts with realistically defining objectives from thorough knowledge of a product or brand, anticipating end-user behavior based on a series of offers and response scenarios and producing contingencies to those behaviors to capitalize on financial investment. When an online advertising initiative is engaged systematically and shrewdly in this manner, the advertiser is able to improve the odds that a campaign will meet expectations.

Why should I choose to advertise with uPromote?
Increases traffic to your site and generate additional sales; delivers the audience you want to reach.
Maximizes exposure, branding, acquisition, retention and ROI.
Offers brand-name sites and global reach with targeted, customized solutions for a definitive competitive advantage.
Customized, real-time management and reporting capabilities.
Campaign optimization, including new creative formats to increase effectiveness.

How does uPromote target specific audiences?
To make doubly certain we're targeting an audience that appeals to you, we target in two ways. First, we focus the message within custom designed graphic and text communications toward the proper audience and test their viablilty. Second, we place these custom designed communications pieces on sites within our network that unite your message with the proper interested audience.

How can uPromote help
Through the experience of servicing many clients in distinct industries, uPromote is able to offer a wealth of historical performance data to build brand and broaden web site awareness, increase qualified lead generation, and drive sales from your web site. We can help you understand when and where to advertise; determine where advertising won't help; analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competition's advertising programs; and create programs to bring the offline and the online advertising together.