The uPromote NetLinking service is designed to provide a network for driving indirect traffic to your site, while allowing you the freedom to focus on your e-commercial ventures. We can detect who and where your competition is, and where you can link to a community of business networks and related sites

Why perform linking?
Placing hyperlinks to your site on other content and topic-related web pages is crucial to building the infrastructure of your web site's marketing outlets. By default, links position your site in front of your targeted audience and allow you to reach them when they are viewing sites that offer companion services, products or content. By having well-placed links on sites that focus on similar aspects of your business, your audience has pre-qualified themselves, giving you more precision opportunities to be seen and visited by your most interested users.

Linking is another way to make your web site more relevant in the search engines. In practice, half of the major portal search engines assign higher relevancy to web pages that appear more popular. How do they appear more popular? You guessed it. The more links that exist to your web site, the more popular you appear. So, by adding uPromote NetLinking to your campaign, you can bolster your search results from directory listing services as well.
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How the Major Portals Treats Linking Popularity.









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Source: Danny Sullivan's SearchEngine Watch

Here's how it works:

Once we receive your order, one of our trained professionals first consults with you determine all possible avenues for establishing strategic links. We identify all areas that are relevant to your business including industry leaders, businesses with offerings that tie into yours, and competitors.

Our team installs custom coding to track the origin of the link traffic. This provides insight into traffic origin, allowing you to strengthen and reward those sites that drive traffic to you the most. This code will also track how many people have clicked through to your site from each location. Once the code has been placed, the link placement negotiation initiates.

Combining our knowledge of where and how to find the best online resources, with your strategic marketing plan, we identify the best places for you to establish effective strategic links. Over the first month, we perform an analysis of active, inactive and unverified links from the campaign drive. Inactive and unverified links then receive a personalized, non-intrusive follow-up message. We do not contact those people who have responded negatively to our request. A full report outlining the location of the links, active, inactive and unverified is released to you via an online report.

Once links have been established, you will need an appropriate place to place your reciprocals. uPromote designs your links page, if needed, and sets up the reciprocal links on your site. After 1-2 additional weeks a final active, inactive and unverified link confirmation is made and a final report is released online, containing data on the location of your active, inactive and unverified links.

How Users Find out About WWW Pages
As getting a good (top 20) listing in the major search engines and directories becomes increasingly difficult, having a good base of incoming links from other web sites has become proportionately important. Reasons to start a strategic linking program include:

1.Quality links provide a valuable resource that visitors appreciate and give them a reason to return often.

2.Quality links tell visitors that you are well known and respected by others in your area of expertise.

3.Quality links carry on the traditions that the Internet was built on, the free exchange of knowledge, resources, and information.
Source: GVU's Tenth WWW User Survey
What type of linking partners do you target?
Our process involves establishing links on sites that have the ability to generate traffic from your target audience, often in exchange for a reciprocal link listed at your site. When scouting prospective linking partners, uPromote thinks first in terms of what would be of value to your visitors. What are the major, secondary and other subordinate online locations that users go for information and resources in your industry? Who are the wholesalers or resellers of the products and services within your industry? Who are those businesses that offer complimentary products and services to yours? Finally, who are your competitors?

Key elements of the strategic linking process
1. We are requesting permission to link to other sites and for a site publisher to add HTML code to their site on your behalf. When requesting, we will need an email address within your domain to convey interest in their site and give them a reason to provide a reciprocal link. This is good business and it encourages reciprocal linking.

2. To get the most from a link, we will request prospective partners to provide more than just the site name, business name or URL of your site. We make every effort to associate descriptive text with the link so that potential visitors are more targeted. Since context is the key we prefer to have links in sentences and paragraphs rather than "stand alone" links or generic lists of links. You should be prepared to offer similar measures to reciprocal linking partners.

3. We believe in sending visitors directly to the information within a web site that they will find most useful - an article, an index, a page of interest. So, when possible links we negotiate on your behalf will be location-specific and not directed at blindly at the home page of your site.
Nowhere in the web will you find this unique and important service delivered in as professional a manner as you receive from our trained staff. By establishing relationships with major portals, resource lists, link lists, directories and industry-specific web sites related to your target market we are assuring augmented sales, branding and traffic reach and performance.