uPromote helps establish new affiliate marketing programs and increase the productivity and size of existing programs. Through saavy direct marketing strategies we assist companies who want to reach out to new and better performance partners and implement intelligent mechanisms for rewarding active participants in your program.

A continuing area of growth for online advertising is affiliate program development and sales partner outreach. In a simple scenario, a merchant web site enlists a number of partner web sites who agree place text, graphic or editorial marketing links on their site. If a sale is made to a customer coming through that link, the affiliate partner earns a commission based the transaction total. From a cost-effective traffic building perspective web site publishers should assemble a practical program for paying other Web publishers for delivering traffic and customers. When developed and managed properly, affiliate marekting can be an effective and safe method for advertising over the Internet since commissions are paid only when a sale or other targeted user behavior is completed. uPromote can assist you with:

Increasing the revenues and traffic of an affiliate program
Accelerating the acquisition of productive affiliates
Directly contacting the most relevant potential affiliates
Directly targeting competitors' affiliates with specific incentives to switch programs
Identifing and contacting sites in a category and other similar categories that don't have relationships yet
Benchmarking an affiliate program versus a competitors' program

Why do I need an internal affiliate marketing program?
The largest single problem that e-commerce sites have is cost effectively driving relevant traffic to their sites. The basic premise of affiliate marketing is reward-based and thus is implemented and faciliatated with a fixed cost. This takes most of the finaincial risk out of the performance equation. The new concern becomes how does a web site owner build an affiliate program large enough to drive traffic and sales cost-effectively?

Over 1000 name-brand merchants have signed up with leading affiliate marketing brokerage firms such as BeFree, LinkShare, and Commission Junction. Often, competitors in the same categories use the same affiliate marketing firm to promote their programs. In order to remain "neutral," the networks use passive marketing approaches. In most cases, passive approaches are simply not sufficient to drive an affiliate program to success. As a result, individual merchants have trouble acquiring a critical mass of affiliates, and have difficulty building a larger program than their competitors.

uPromote acknowleges this problem and augments the size of affiliate marketing programs by actively marketing your program to relevant affiliates. Through this service, we offer the ability to grow -- information and technology developed to directly target, acquire, and retain affiliates that are relevant to your business. We do this through the use of our proprietary database of links and affiliates on the Web.

Here's how it works:
uPromote offers custom approaches to meet the needs of each affiliate marketing project. We will acquire new affiliates for your program by using our affiliate database and technology to design, manage, and run a direct marketing campaign targeted at relevant potential affiliates. For this service we charge an engagement fee, a software license fee, a software set-up fee, plus an amount per new affiliate acquired. Exclusivity in a category can be arranged for an increased fee.

We will install partners of our database of affiliate names for you to analyze and run your own campaign. The list has numerous fields for segmentation purposes -- including estimated value of the affiliate, existing competitive relationships, and contact information by both phone and email. This database will include all the affiliates that link to merchants in your industry or other industries you designate as relevant. For this service a fee-per-record is charged. Fees vary by industry and record complexity. Additional services, such as use of our email engine, can be arranged.

If you opt to purchase a competitive benchmarking reports that compares your affiliate program to your competitors we begin that stage next. Information on the number of affiliates, loyalty of those affiliates, and segment information is included. The reports are available as a one-time purchase or as ongoing updates.

You will receive an electronic report including every affilaite partner that your site was listed with, any communication errors that might have occurred during the project and the actions that were taken to rectify those errors.

We turn the comprehensive database of existing and potential affiliates over to you. Each affiliate record includes information about all of the links from the affiliate to other sites, size and complexity of the site, intermediary services used (e.g., BeFree, LinkShare, etc.) and contact information -- name, email, and phone number. This database is developed from our research and direct communication with web site owners.

Average Marketing Budget Required To Acquire A New Customer
The effectiveness of affiliate marketing outreach is evidenced by the vast number of serious companies who have deployed some form of pay-for-performance marketing effort on the Internet. Findings such as the McKinsey Study on average customer acquisiton cost, and a recent Forrester Research study indicating web sites should be averaging thirteen percent of online revenues via web site sales partners, drive home the importance of installing an effective affiliate marketing strategy.
Source: McKinsey & Company

Leveraging our expert talent and marketplace experience will enable your company to quickly reduce customer acquisition costs and improve operating profitability. We encourage you to take a moment to contact us to learn how uPromote and your company can partner to build the strength of your pay-for-performance marketing.