July 15, 2024
Whether you're company is established or just starting out, has a hundred employees or just a handfull, uPromote can develop an online public relations initiative combined with guaranteed media coverage to take your message to the world.

uPromote's public relations services are a suite of methods and activities we employ to establish and promote a favorable relationship with the public for our clientele. We offer short and long term programs that guarantee access to electronic and print media coverage and targeted prospects, executed on time lines beneficial to client marketing, promotional and communications interests. With an incessant stream of individuals engaging in the Internet experience, are you positive that your Web initiatives and business messages are getting the attention and favorable notice they deserve?

In today's increasingly competitive environment, Web businesses cannot settle merely on press releases and publicity events as their complete PR arsenal. You must employ the latest technologies to enhance the means and reach available in this electronic information age. The convergence of media, increased speed and access to information, and overwhelming content options, mean that your message better be delivered with impact and consistency across multiple platforms. That's why uPromote goes through extensive planning with our clients to ensure that each opportunity is capitalized on and that the tactics your PR program adapts will adjust with market conditions or trends.

uPromote PR service are more than the razzle-dazzle, spin and emotion that's apparent in our award-winning creative work product. It's exposing and characterizing general perceptions and shaping them into welcomed opinions and interpretations, eliciting desired behaviors from the public. Ultimately, it's about understanding the audience, focusing energies on a desired outcome, maneuvering media exchanges and crafting motivational creative pieces. The following is a general flow chart illustrating the uPromote PR process.

Every PR project is unique to the specific needs and objectives of the client and includes a custom solution proposition that may include:

Online Strategy Assessment, Research and Analysis
Online Marketing and Distribution Plans and Programs
Naming, Positioning, Message Development
Packaging, Collateral, Merchandising Concepts
Test Marketing, Market Research and Polling
Database Marketing in All Lines of Trade
Internet Marketing and E-Commerce
Search Engine Optimization and Positioning Programs
Customer Loyalty, Sweepstakes and Affiliate Outreach Services
Media Buying, Sponsorships and Print or Electronic Advertising
Grass Roots Viral Marketing Programs
Identity, Content and Site Development Services
Whatever the company, product or communication objective, uPromote has a proven, ingenious and orderly process for disseminating your message to gain public interest.Click here to make contact and learn how we assist businesses in establishing public relations programs that effectively update, enhance, promote and network web sites OR you can begin the free quotation process right now.