The Press and Analyst communities are not tools to exploit when you need them, but rather important market segments to be handled with focus and care. uPromote's press release service is your solution for professionally distributing your newsworthy announcements via press release to the most comprehensive news circuit available.

What do you mean by comprehensive?
uPromote Release provides access to thousands of newspapers, magazines, national wire services, television and radio broadcast media disclosure points and financial media, online services, databases and websites. This service has the capacity to deliver your news to professional journalists in every niche market and geographic region. Whether it's a general announcement requiring a national blowout to all of the major television, radio and print news outlets or a specific geographic or industry demographic you're targeting, uPromote Release is your tool to meet your objective.

Who should use this service?
This service is perfect for anyone who wants to announce a newsworthy event. Press releases are news and information releases designed to tease journalists into authoring an article about you. Without some substantive newsworthy content in your release, your chance of earning any publicity is reduced. If you are in public relations, marketing communications, or in some capacity handle generating a public buzz about a company presence, product or service, uPromote Release is the key to your trade.

How does the uPromote Release service work?
Our marketing associates work with you to determine what target audience you are trying to reach based on your campaign strategy and the trade outlets available to us. We then audit your press release message copy and contact information to be used in the campaign based off performance benchmarks that we have derived. When necessary, uPromote professional writers and technical assistants can assist you in authoring copy.

Your approved press release is placed in the accepted Press Release style template and we queue your message to be dispatched to the previously determined target audience on your target date.

Professional journalist recipients read your informative release, click through hyperlinks embedded within the message, directly connecting to a specified destination within your web site.

Professional journalist recipients respond to the message's call for action. (They request further information about your company or service, they author an article about your company/service/product, they request an interview with a spokesperson from your company.)

A month after your press release delivery, we generate a press clipping report indicating any publication date, circulation of publications printing an article about your site and the journalist and editor any publication spotlighting your web site. This is key in determining your campaign's cost per response which will help you in evaluating the overall emarketing campaign.

Are press releases really effective?
No amount of paid advertising can often do as much as a two minute news segment which favors your great new product or service. A photo and editorial feature in a major magazine could be the trigger to set your company sailing on a sea of profits. With a well written, properly placed and correctly timed delivery, it could happen for your company. We have the experience to make this a reality for your company and have helped many companies do reap the benefits our drafted and distributed press releases.

When is the best time to distrbute my message to the press?
The obvious answer to this question is, "when you have newsworthy information" for the world. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, all thrive on press releases every day. It is their business to stay on top of new and interesting products and services that will affect their readers, viewers and listeners. These media centers want to hear about new products and services. In today's information hungry world you need to be heard, it is absolutely crucial that your company utilize the press and media as part of your marketing efforts. The uPromote marketing team can get the job done for you. Our press release service was created to enable all size businesses to quickly, easily and conveniently launch new products and services or make major announcements via the press and media.

How can uPromote help?
We can gather the names and contact information for the important media and analyst organizations that you should be in touch with. We'll then work with you to determine how best to approach them on an individual basis, which groups work well together and which should not be mixed, and how to create tactical materials and execution methods to reach and motivate them to keep their eye on you. Our service is your solution for professionally distributing your newsworthy announcements via press release to the most comprehensive news circuit available.

This is the right solution for connecting the information that distinguishes you, your brand identity and other characterizing newsworthy content with highly targeted journalists. You can purchase uPromote Release online. Simply fill out our order form to submit your announcement and billing information.

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In the same survey, respondents were asked to rank the same sources for credibility. The credibility rankings matched surprisingly well with the table to the right with two significant expectations; the Internet and annual reports. While the Internet was cited as the most commonly turned to source for information, its mean credibility ranking was only 49.5%. Clearly the convenience of accessing abundant, timely information at any hour of any day is seen as a logical information source, but at this time the content is viewed as dubious.

In contrast, only 8% mentioned turning to the annual report for accurate facts, yet a mean ranking of 81.9% for credibility makes it the overall winner by respondents.

Mass media coverage ranked fifth in credibility with a 77% credibility ranking.
Source: Public Relations Society of America