September 26, 2023
uPromote Delivers Fully Outsourced Marketing Sales Solutions That Allow Web Businesses to Focus on Their Core Competency.

We strive for perfection in every task we take on your behalf, requiring thorough usability testing, focus groups and market research in every stage of a project. It is only after we're armed with a profile of an audience that we can competently address them as we move into crafting communications pieces and selecting media outlets to drive a campaign upon launch. Important issues such as traffic flow, navigation, shopping cart attrition, registration, personalization and data mining are each assigned estimated performance levels and then benchmarked with empirical intelligence as the campaign moves forward. Taking a very scientific approach, our vision of direct marketing establishes real site visitor behavior as the impetus for tactical optimization of a campaign and ensures a seamless consumer brand experience, from visitor acquisition to customer retention. Every one of our efforts must be responsive to campaign objectives, while respecting on your user's intent and individuality.

Through this proven direct marketing formula, UPromote will strengthen your online efforts, allowing you to deploy intelligently and rapidly in an emerging worldwide marketplace and distribute to targeted audiences of every size. Our professionals will work with your staff to correctly position your products and services on the Internet, manage advertising performance and provide detailed monthly campaign performance reports outlining objective benchmarks and proposed actions to retain, abandon or strengthen precise tactics. So, how do we do it?

After substantiating the premises driving the appearance and navigation of a web site and tailoring creative pieces to reflect a coherent voice, uPromote delivers relevant offers and promotions through targeted campaigns custom designed from the comprehensive list of services below, enhancing your users' experiences and providing them with incentives to visit a web site. Every direct marketing campaign is crafted by our experienced staff to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client and follows the custom solution proposition process below.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts can streamline your internal marketing costs while broadening your site's reach and impact with your most valuable customer. uPromote generates marketing revenues for your business through our performance-based programs, and working as your advocate, with open channels of communication, delivers responsible targeted direct marketing programs that benefit all parties involved: marketers, consumers, and you. Our skilled sales and customer service staff consider themselves a part of your team, as we work together to maximize the value of your online presence.

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