The uPromote Messenger service is your solution for directly communicating via email with potential customers who already have an interest in your particular product or service.

Email marketing is a very powerful relationship-building tool when done correctly. There are many applications, from simple product update and product launch announcements to weekly or monthly newsletters. When considering email marketing you should be certain should employ only lists that are comprised of users who have given a certain level of permission to send them communication. This is termed "opt-in email marketing" or "permission marketing". Opt-in campaigns are best delivered with internal lists, built from visitors who have interacted with your web site. By completing a registration form a user has agreed to an information transfer process. Web site publishers without internal lists can use external lists, but should be careful to employ only opt-in lists to protect reputation and increase performance ratios.

How can you be sure recipients are interested?
uPromote has an established community of individuals who request information on narrowly-focused topics. They have given their permission to receive email messages that contain everything from industry news and web site launch announcements to service solicitations and product promotions. Unlike sending unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or spam, your audience welcomes your communication.

uPromote Messenger is a powerful solution that gives you the ability to distribute your selling offers and branding messages to highly targeted audiences on the Web. Since our audience offers their consent for receiving mail, your messages are more likely to be read and acted upon.

What makes us different than other services?
Unlike much of our competition, we protect the integrity of our lists for our clients. What does that mean? Many lists owners mail internal solicitations to their lists on periodic schedules - sometimes as often as weekly. This deteriorates the effectiveness of the messages sent by their clients. The last thing we want to do is burn-out a prospective buyer for our clients. uPromote's Messenger system also monitors email fatigue, ensuring that the highest levels of campaign performance are maintained and the desires of our opt-in users are honored and respected. Our process for managing this fatigue is twofold:

1. Identify the types of messages an opt-in subscriber is willing to receive.
2. Monitor the frequency with which he or she receives communication.

How does uPromote Messenger work?
Our marketing associates work with you to determine what target audience you are trying to reach based on your campaign strategy and the uPromote Messenger database. We then audit your email message copy and URL to be used in the campaign based off performance benchmarks that we have derived. When necessary, uPromote professional writers and technical assistants can assist you in authoring copy and setting up tracking software.

Your approved message and URL are placed in the standard uPromote Messenger mailing template and we queue your message to be dispatched to your target audience at the time and amounts that you specify.

Targeted recipients click through hyperlinks embedded within the message, directly connecting to a predetermined destination within your web site. These recipients respond to the message's call for action (i.e. becoming a subscriber, downloading software, register for product newsletter, making a purchase, etc.)

Your internal staff should be prepared to immediately respond to inquiries and leads. Any email responses that bounce to uPromote will be sorted and processed to a designated representative within your company. This allows you to convert new traffic into customers. We will continue to deliver all email messages that we ever receive as a response to your email marketing campaign with us.

A few weeks after your email delivery, we generate a comprehensive report indicating delivery date, number of messages dispatched, number of messages received in-house and the number of click-throughs to-date. This is key in determining your campaign's cost per response which will help you in evaluating the emarketing campaign.

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Basic Cost: Based on your number of recipients. Professional drafting of your announcement US$185 (Optional).

There is no better solution to give you the ability to distribute your selling offers and branding messages to highly targeted audiences on the Web. You can purchase uPromote Messenger online. Simply complete click the order button below, choose the number of recipients you desire, submit your billing information and a uPromote staff member will contact you about targeting the message.

Statistical Reasons to Use Email Marketing
Seventy percent of email users look forward to checking their email.
                                                        Source: eMarketer

Four percent say one of the first things they do in the morning is check email.
                                                        Source: eMarketer

Email is the preferred communication vehicle among business employees.
                                                        Source: Roper Starch Worldwide Reports, 2000

Email is used in seventy percent of all Internet sessions.
                                                        Source: Carnegie Mellon University study, 2000

In fourty-five percent of Internet sessions, email was the only application used.
                                                        Source: Carnegie Mellon University study, 2000

When email and the web were accessed, email was used first seventy-five percent of the time.
                                                        Source: Carnegie Mellon University study, 2000

There were ninety-seven million email users versus eighty-eight million web users in 1999.
                                                        Source: eMarketer