December 07, 2023
Competition existed long before strategy. It began with life itself. For millions of years, natural biological competition involved no strategy. By chance and the laws of probability, competitors found the combinations of resources that best matched their different characteristics.

If every business could grow indefinitely accoring to the laws of natural selection, the marketplace would grow to an infinite size in a world of limited supply and demand. It has never happened, so only the leanest organizations succeed. Survival depends on keeping your market intact fully and to expand it. So, the objective is to maintain and even enlarge the scope of your advantage over any and all of the competitors that might be selling to your customers or may do so in future. Strategy is therefore a deliberate search for a plan of action that will develop a businessís competitive advantage and compound it.

Our strategic foundation for achieving successful action plans on the Internet includes:
An understanding of business as a system wherein customers, competitors, money, people and resources continually interact.
Strategic Benchmarking: An in-depth audit of competitors along relevant dimensions. Usage of this understanding to determine the impact of a strategic move on competitive equilibrium
Defining the business boundaries and arriving at the vision to guide the company through the various changes in technology, competition and market environment.
The ability to predict risk and return with enough accuracy and confidence that justifies your commitment of resources, along the outlined strategy.
Organizational Restructuring : Restructuring the systems / procedures of the organisation to bring about the changes required to meet the challenges ahead.

Business goals, whether qualitative or quantitative, relate a companyís performance to the business universe in which it competes for capital, human resources and market opportunities. Often, the goal setting process in an organisation involves a lot of debate and results in conflicting and confusing targets. At uPromote, we adhere to the following simple yet comprehensive paradigm of corporate performance measurement. Every company should try to find the highest sustainable ROI (Return on Investment) while maintaining a strong position in the market and a top quality management team. Employing a business consulting company can help shed new light on operations and merchandising oversights that could correct corrupted ROI schemes. Questions that uPromote can help answer include:

How can a company attain the highest sustainable ROI?
How can it maintain/ strengthen its market position?
How can it attract and retain the best people within its fold?

We have shown many companies new and responsive techniques that imporve their bottom line. uPromote's approach is comprehensive in its coverage and versitile in tackling unique business issues right from customer acquisition cost reduction to overall sales enhancement. We serve qualitative areas such as roles and responsibilities, systems and data management, as well as offer quantitative analysis such as benchmarking, activity costing and overall ROI.

If you in the early planning phase of your project, moving into the implementation phase, or even making enhancements to your current system, a uPromote consultant is available to assist you in moving forward effectively. Core consulting areas include:

Business Process Re-engineering
Systems Configuration Systems Administration
Systems Deployment Planning
Report Generation/Publishing
Process Implementation Assessments
Configuration Development
Software Deployment
User Training Development
User Training Delivery
Expert/Train the Trainer Development
Expert/Train the Trainer Delivery

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